SAFETY: Providing a safe place for you, so that you can feel comfortable opening up about anything.

SUPPORT: You can count on Connective Care to offer you the support you need to deal with whatever is bothering you.

UNDERSTANDING: Connective Care operates in a judgement-free zone, we offer the kind of understanding you need.

COMMITMENT: Connective Care is commited to helping you find effective ways to cope.

FLEXIBILITY: Connective Care offers a range of therapy styles to address your unique needs.

TRUST: You can trust Connective Care to help you heal in a way that protects your best interest.

COMPASSION: Connective Care approaches all people and situations with compassion, this means having a sensititvity to the needs and experiences of others.

SELF DETERMINATION: Connective Care Supports an individuals involvement in decisions that impact their lives.

INTEGRITY: Connective Care values honesty, ethical behaviour and professionalism.

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