Caregiver Consultation

Services provide much needed mental health support & relief

According to The Ontario Caregiver Organization Spotlight Report from 2021


Of caregivers find caregiving stressful overall


Of caregivers are exhausted


Of caregivers say their mental health is worse now compared to a year ago


Of caregivers are anxious and worried

Caregivers are one of the most important resources that exists, not only to the individual (s) that they are caring for, but also the healthcare system and society as a whole. The role of caregiver is complex and often under supported. According to the Ontario Caregiver Organization 58% of Ontario’s 3.3 million caregivers say they are burnt out.

My goal is to assist caregivers in making their important role less stressful and more rewarding by providing support, resources and referrals which will improve their circumstances. This will be based upon conversations with the caregiver to determine their needs. Services provided by Connective Care will also be based upon key areas of need that have been identified by Canadian caregivers as being particularly challenging. Providing support in these key areas will make a huge impact on the caregivers wellbeing. Connective Care will offer these supports by developing an individualized plans that suits the needs of each person respectively.


Services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Support with dealing with guilt, stress and anxiety connected to the caregiving role
  • Grief support
  • Support with understanding the caregiving role, setting boundaries, etc
  • Advocacy
  • Navigating systems (health care, social services, etc)
  • Finding resources for the caregiver and the person they are caring for, make appropriate referrals as needed
  • Assisting with required paperwork and organizing tasks
  • Assisting with medical appointments on behalf of the caregiver (setting up technology for appointments, coordinating transportation to appointments, attending medical appointments, providing appointment reminders and assisting with scheduling, etc) Report to caregiver, upon consent
  • Respite
  • Ease of mind by assisting with mental health monitoring, wellness checks, medication monitoring/ reminders, referrals to programming, education, etc
  • Provide family/ caregiver with reports on important appointments, wellness and any areas of concern (upon consent)
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